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MKx-ET Ethernet Mach3 CNC Controller

MKx-ET Ethernet Mach3 CNC Controller
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MKx-ET Ethernet Mach3 CNC Controller
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: MKx-ET
  • Weight: 2.00kg
  • Dimensions: 12.00cm x 10.00cm x 10.00cm

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XHC Ethernet 3/4/6 Axis MACH3 CNC Motion Control Card Frequency 2000KHZ Controller Breakout Board For Stepper Motor/Servo Motor

The XHC Ethernet CNC Motion Control Card is designed for controlling CNC machines using the Mach3 software. It offers support for 3, 4, and 6-axis machines and features Ethernet connectivity.

XHC Ethernet CNC Motion Control Card Feature

  • Mach3 Compatibility: The controller fully supports all versions of Mach3 software, making it compatible with a wide range of CNC machines. It can be used with Windows PC systems.
  • Ethernet Interface: The controller only supports an Ethernet interface for communication. It requires setting up the IP address to establish a connection.
  • Data Saving: The controller supports data saving, ensuring that important information is retained even when power is lost.
  • Spindle Speed Feedback: It includes support for spindle speed feedback, allowing for precise control and monitoring of the spindle's rotational speed.
  • Long Ethernet Cable: The controller supports a 10-meter Ethernet interface cable, providing flexibility in the positioning of the CNC machine.
  • Up to 6 Axes: It can support up to 6 axes of motion, allowing for versatile control over complex CNC operations.
  • Maximum Step-Pulse Frequency: The controller can handle a maximum step-pulse frequency of 2000 kHz, enabling fast and precise movements.
  • Input and Output Ports: It offers 16 general-purpose input ports and 8 output ports, providing flexibility for connecting various devices and components.
  • Velocity Feedback: The controller features a velocity feedback function, allowing for real-time display of the spindle speed on the Mach3 interface.
  • IO-Port Isolation: All IO ports are isolated, ensuring stable performance and minimizing interference from external factors.
  • Support for Servo Motors and Stepper Motors: The controller is compatible with both servo motors and stepper motors, offering flexibility in motor selection for the CNC machine.

The XHC Ethernet CNC Motion Control Card provides reliable and feature-rich control capabilities for CNC machines. With its support for Mach3 software, Ethernet connectivity, high step-pulse frequency, and compatibility with various motor types, it is suitable for a wide range of CNC applications.


1 PCS x 3/4/6 Axis ETHERNET MOTION CARD Interface 2000KHz

Certification CE

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