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Brand: WiXHC
5 Axis Fanuc/Syntec/Mitsubishi system used wireless Electronic handwheel pendant BWGPProduct Main Features:1,Use 433MHZ wireless transmission frequency,TX power 10DB,40M control distance without barrier2,Frequency hopping transmission ,the same working area 32pcs quipments can be used together3.Low ..
Brand: WiXHC
LHB04B-4/6 MACH3 wired manual pulse generator handwheelFeature:1,Connected with a shielded 5meters USB cable, signal transmission is stable and reliable2,100PPR manual pulse generator, support 10 macro function button3,LHB04B-4:LCD Dispiay machine coordinates and workpiece coordinates X,Y, Z,A-axis&..
Brand: WiXHC
MK4-ET+WHB04B-4 XHC 4 Axis Mach3 Ethernet cnc Control card 2MHZ and MACH3 Wireless cnc remoteXHC 4AXIS Mach3 newest cnc control card 2MHZ and Wireless cnc remote WHB04B-4Application software: MACH3 Application Control card application industry :CNC cutting machine.CNC router.Machining Center.Mec..
Brand: WiXHC
MK4-V+WHB04B-4 XHC 4 AXIS Mach3 newest cnc control card 2MHZ  and Wireless cnc remote Application software: MACH3Application Control card application industry :CNC cutting machine.CNC router.Machining Center.Mechanical arm.Automated production equipment.Features:1.Fully supporting all Mach..
MKx-ET ethernet Mach3 CNC Controller MKx-ET ethernet Mach3 CNC Controller
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Brand: WiXHC
Ethernet CNC breakout board Use Ethernet communication and connect via network cable. The computer requirements are not very high, As long as there is an RJ45 port, it can be controlledMK3-ET: MACH3 3—axis control cardMk4-ET: MACH3 4-axis control cardMK6-ET: MACH3 6-axis control cardProduct Descript..
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MKx-M4 Mach4 CNC USB Controller MKx-M4 Mach4 CNC USB Controller
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Brand: WiXHC
XHC MKX-M4 Mach4 USB Motion Controller 3/4/6 Axis Frequency 2000KHZ Mach4 CNC USB Controller For CNC Engraving Cutting MachineMK3-M4: MACH4 3—axis control cardMk4-M4: MACH4 4-axis control cardMK6-M4: MACH4 6-axis control cardRunning up to 6-axis machinesOperating:  Mills, Routers, & LathesB..
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MKx–V USB Mach3 CNC Controller MKx–V USB Mach3 CNC Controller
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Brand: WiXHC
XHC Mach3 CNC Controller MKX-V 3 4 6 Axis Mach3 USB Controller CNC Motion Control Card for Engraving Cutting MachineMK3-V: MACH3 3—axis controller cardMk4-V: MACH3 4-axis controller cardMK6-V: MACH3 6-axis controller cardFeatures:·Fully supporting all Mach3 versions·Support saving data when power of..
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Brand: WiXHC
4/6 Axis CNC System used Wireless Manual Pulse Generator USB port CNC controller support programmableThis is our 2rd Generation Secondary development Wireless MPGUSB Wireless MPG-PHB04BModel: PHB04BStandard: 183*85*32mmPHB04B has 2 series:           1、 PHB04B-4:support ..
XHC MK 3 Axis/4 Axis USB CNC controller XHC MK 3 Axis/4 Axis USB CNC controller
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Brand: WiXHC
3 Axis / 4 Axis MACH3 USB Motion Control Card Interface 2000KHzMKX-IV manualMKX-V  manual Applicable systemMach3Mach3Support axis number3/4/63/4/6Interface typeUSBUSBCommunication distance1.5m USB cable1.5m USB cablestabilityMKX-IV<MKX-VAnti-interference abilityMKX-IV<MKX-Vaxis ..
$117.00 $259.00
Brand: WiXHC
XHC WHB04B CNC Wireless Handwheel Lathe Mach3 4-Axis 6-Axis MPG Hanging Handwheel USB Remote 40m Receiver  Features:Radiofrequency is 433MHZ,ISM, the Tx power is 10DB, and the RX sensitivityis -98DB.The RF has 64 channels; the channel gap is 1 Mhz.Using frequency hopping, and strong anti-i..
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