TC55V cnc controller stepper/servo motor 3.5 inch color lcd controller

It is equipped with 3.5 inch color screen, RS 485 communication, 

Chinese/English Switch,  and USB connection. 

It is highly reliable, highly accurate, low noise and easy to use.

Programming method 

Different with CNC controllers of Fanuc and Siemens, this controller use revolutionary conversational programming, which is easy to learn and use, automatically lead you to finish programming. 


Main Functions

Automatically execute:Actual running, Dry running, Single-step execution, Terminate program, Start and Pause function

Manual operation:Manual high speed, Manual low speed, Jog operation, Back to program zero, Back to machine zero

Program management:absolute programming, Incremental programming, linear and circular interpolation, back to machine zero, sub-program call,register, delay, repeat, Output, PLC set, Pause  

Parameter settings:Set various control parameters of processing and operation, get the best status of processing effect  

Exterior Manual Operation: control motor clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning, Start, Pause, Alert and Emergency Stop.

USB Connection and upgrade

PLC Extension

I/O Extension

Isolated I/O port

Chinese/English panel display

Free change of boot picture  

Minimum data unit 0.001 mm

Maximum data size ± 99999.999mm

Maximum Speed: 9000mm/min (pulse is 0.001mm)

Maximum pulse output frequency 150KHz

Axis 1-4 (X,YZ,C)

X,Y,Z,C axis can conduct linear interpolation, X,Y can do circular interpolation.

Electric Gear: numerator :1-99999 denominator: 1-99999

System main functions are automatic, manual, program editing, system parameters, self-check, settings, etc.

Outside Size  172×94×48mm

Installing Size: 162×84mm,Front Panel: 4mm 

TC55V Manual

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