LE3U PLC analog test with text display

LE3U PLC modbus example Master slave station

why you don't setting FX3U PLC D register and M relay cannot save

here is step by step 

1, download your program to plc
2,power down 
3, setting D M 
4, power down, Power on. can save data.

LE3u power off hold

Install gx develop software

Op320 connect computer

LE3u connect computer BY GX Develop

LE3u connect computer BY GX Work 

How to set op320 software

LE3U D8120 setting

LE3U PLC And computer communication

LE3U and op 320 by 485 setting

Fk3u connect samkoon hmi


LE3u plc connect tk6100i or tk6070ip

485 Example



LE3U PLC AB phase encorder

PID test programming


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