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  • SKI780 Series Inverter Control panel

Inverter Control Panel VFD Frequency Converter Panel Replacement for SKI780 Series


1. Just applicable to SKI780 series external control panel.

2. Panel can be connected externally via cable.

3. 1m cable length, external control is safer and more convenient.

4. RJ45 interface type, more simple and convenient.

5. The panel is removable and easy to install, saving time and effort.

6. After strict manufacturing procedures, the product process is refined and meets standards.


Item Type: SKI780 series external control panel

Applies To: SKI780 series inverter

Cable Length: Approx. 1m / 3.3ft

Interface Type: RJ45 interface

Panel Size: Approx. 87 x 66 x 20mm / 3.4 x 2.6 x 0.8in (length, width, height)

Panel Frame Mounting Hole Size: Approx. 81 x 61mm / 3.2 x 2.4in (Depth: Approx.16mm / 0.6in) 

Package List:

1 x Control Panel (Including Housing)

1 x Connecting Line

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SKI780 Series Inverter Control panel

  • Brand: LOLLETTE
  • Product Code: VFD-keypad
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  • $10.50

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