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Net-S7200Plus Ethernet Communication Module for Siemens S7-200 PLC

Net-S7200Plus Ethernet Communication Module for Siemens S7-200 PLC
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Net-S7200Plus Ethernet Communication Module for Siemens S7-200 PLC
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Net-S7200Plus Siemens s7-200 ethernet communication module PPI to S7TCP, MODBUS TCP

Net-S7200Plus s7-200 ethernet module is an advanced version of BCNet-S7200. On the basis of BCNet-S7200, the network port supports data exchange and Modbus TCP master-slave communication with Siemens Ethernet such as S7-200SMART, S7-1200/1500, S7-300PN, CP243-1/CP343-1/CP443-1 Function.

Net-S7200Plus straight-through type: It is suitable for PLC control systems such as Siemens S7200 series and SMART series Ethernet communication; its X2 expansion interface can be connected to touchscreens (Siemens brand, PROFACE brand) and communication cables (original Siemens) that support multi-master communication.

Net-S7200Plus bridge type: For Siemens S7200 series, SMART series, and other PLC control systems Ethernet communication; the X2 expansion interface can be connected to touchscreens that do not support multi-master communication.

Net-S7200 Plus Features

Suitable for Siemens S7-200, s7-200 smart ethernet communication

Support Siemens STEP7 MicroWIN

Compatible with Siemens S7TCP protocol

Support upper-level SCADA and OPC communication

Support high-level language programming

Ethernet port supports Ethernet communication with SIMATIC controllers and processors

The network port supports Modbus TCP server and client functions

Net Function Application 

1:Programming and debugging

BCNet-S7 ethernet module supports programming and debugging of PLC control system (MicroWIN, STEP7, Botu software).

2:SCADA Ethernet communication

BCNet-S7 ethernet module supports Ethernet communication with almost all SCADA monitoring and configuration software on the market, such as WINCC, MCGS, INTOUCH, IFIX, LABVIEW, etc.

3: OPC communication

BCNet-S7 ethernet module supports Ethernet communication with mainstream OPC servers in the market, such as KEPWARE OPC, PC ACCESS OPC, etc. In addition, based on the BCNetS7 protocol, we have developed a completely free BCNetS7 OPC server, which can connect up to 1023 devices and is suitable for data collection of large-scale equipment networking projects.

4: Touch screen Ethernet communication

The BCNet-S7 ethernet module supports Ethernet communication with the mainstream touch panels in the market, such as the Siemens KTP/TP series, Siemens SmartIE series, and S7300, etc.

5:ModbusTCP communication

The BCNet-S7 module integrates the ModbusTCP server function, the host software (ModusTCP client) can directly access the internal register address data of the PLC control system according to the address mapping table, and the address mapping table can use the default or freely define the mapping relationship, which makes the communication more flexible.

6: High-level language programming

The BCNet-S7 module provides an open Ethernet protocol (BCNetS7 protocol) for engineers to develop communication program software.

7: PLC Data Exchange

Net-S7 module (only Net Plus supports this function, BCNet (basic version) does not) supports Siemens S7-1200, S7-1500, and SMART 200PLC ethernet communication.

8:Modbus communication

Net-S7 module (only Net-S7300 Plus bridge type supports this function) supports the Modbus function, which can be used as a Modbus master or Modbus slave to realize communication between PLC and other Modbus devices.

Product ModelBCNet-S7200Plus
DescriptionSiemens S7-200 Ethernet communication processor
ColorMetallic Silver
Status displayPwr, Bus
Ethernet Interface
Interface Type
Transmission Rate
Protocol Support
Number of TCP connections
Link/Active indicator, line sequence adaptive
RJ45 female socket
Siemens S7TCP, Modbus TCP, OPC, TCP/IP protocol open
max 32
S7 interface
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
DSUB 9-pin male
9.6K, 19.2K, 187.5K, baud rate adaptive
PPI/MPI slave
man-machine interface
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
Type of entry
DSUB 9-pin female
9.6K, 19.2K, 187.5K
PPI/MPI slave
Siemens, MCGS, Wenview, Delta, Kinco, etc.
programming software
Configuration Software
OPC software
KepWare OPC, BCNetS7 OPC
Diagnostics and parameter setting toolsIE browser, default, BCDevice
Power supply
Voltage type
PLC communication port to take power directly
Working temperature0~60’C
Working humidity95% non-condensing
Installation methodPlug and play
Electromagnetic Compatibility2014/30/EU
CertificationCE certification

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