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  • Model: USB-DVP
  • Weight: 0.40kg
  • Dimensions: 18.00cm x 15.00cm x 12.00cm

Delta DVP series PLC Programming Cable USBACAB230 (usb-dvp)

USBACAB230 Delta cable is provided through the USB interface, programming cable, serial connection, and RS232 signal conversion and drivers running on your computer under the control of the computer's USB interface to simulate the traditional serial port ( commonly known as the COM port), which use existing programming software, communications software and monitoring software and other applications. The working power of the cable from the USB port is no longer by the PLC programming port powered, two-color light-emitting diodes on the converter box to indicate the data transceiver state.

USBACAB230(usb-dvp) Delta plc programming cable for Delta DVP series PLC

The USBACAB230 is a programming cable for Delta DVP series PLCs. It is designed to connect a computer to a Delta PLC for programming and monitoring purposes.

This cable uses a USB port on the computer end and a DVP port on the PLC end. It allows users to transfer programs and other data between the computer and the PLC. The cable also supports online monitoring and debugging of the PLC program.

When using the USBACAB230 cable, it's important to ensure that the correct drivers and software are installed on the computer. 

Overall, the USBACAB230 is a reliable and commonly used cable for Delta DVP series PLC programming and monitoring.


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USBACAB230(usb-dvp) PLC Programming Cable

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