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Cable for Allen Bradley

"Allen Bradley PLC Cable" refers to cables used to connect Allen Bradley PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) devices. PLCs are devices used in automation control systems, and cables are the physical connections for data and power transmission. Based on different purposes and requirements, there can be various types of Allen Bradley PLC cables, and here are some possible classifications and descriptions:

Communication Types:

Ethernet Cable: Used to support Ethernet communication, facilitating the connection between PLCs and other devices or networks.
Serial Cable: Used for serial communication, typically connecting PLCs to external devices or interconnecting multiple PLCs.
Models and Series:

ControlLogix Cable: Specifically designed for connecting Allen Bradley ControlLogix series PLCs.
CompactLogix Cable: Designed for applications involving CompactLogix series PLCs.
Communication Speed:

High-Speed Communication Cable: Designed for applications requiring high-speed communication to ensure efficient data transfer.
Power Supply:

Power Cable: Provides power connection to ensure PLC devices receive the required electrical power.
Lengths and Connector Types:

Short/Long Cable: Available in different lengths to suit specific needs.
Connector Types: Cables may come with various types of connectors, such as RJ45, DB9, etc.
Protection and Durability:

Shielded Cable: Features a shielding layer to protect against electromagnetic interference.
Industrial Grade Cable: Designed for industrial environments, offering characteristics like abrasion resistance, oil resistance, etc.

Programming Cable: Used to connect a PC or programming device for uploading and downloading PLC programs.
I/O Cable: Used to connect input/output devices, facilitating data exchange between the PLC and external equipment.
Note that specific classifications and descriptions may vary based on product models, specifications, and manufacturer requirements. When selecting a cable, it's essential to consider the specific PLC model and application requirements to determine the most suitable type.
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100% compatible with Allen Bradley original 1747-UIC,AB SLC5/01/02/03/05 series PLC programming cable,use AB original driver,with indicator. See below for a list of PLC's that are compatible tested with Windows XP (SP2 and SP3) note: that we have not yet tested it with Vista, Windows 7 (32bit ver..
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1747-UIC USB
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Allen Bradley 1747-UIC USB to DH485 - USB to 1747-PIC 1747-L20 1747-L30 1747-L40 1747-L511 1747-L512 1747-L513 1747-L514 1747-L521 1747-L522 1747-L523 1747-L524 1474-L531 1747-L532 1747-L533 1747-L534Please note that just like the original UIC made by Allen Bradley, not all PanelViews..
$59.90 $80.00
USB-1747-CP3 Allen Bradley SLC 5/03,5/04,5/05 USB programming cable Fully supports RS Linx communications with Controllogix,Flexlogix and SLC5/03-05 PLCs.Supports Micrologix and PLC5 with adapter 9 pin Female connector on PLC side. Functions and Features: 01.USB-1747-CP3 is the dire..
$18.80 $19.99
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USB-1761-CBL-PM02  USB AB MicroLogix 1000 Series programming adapter USB Interface, AB MicroLonix 1000/1200/1500 Series PLC programming cable, length 3M 8-pin round Allen Bradley PLC Programming Cable Adapter USB-1761-CBL-PM02 programming cable for Micrologix Series.Fully supports RS Li..
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USB-2711-NC13 PanelView machine programming cable 2M length. USB cables provide communication between your computer and another device such as a PanelView terminal PanelView Plus terminal VersaView CE terminalUSB-2711-NC13 Driver Download..
$18.00 $20.00
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