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The Mitsubishi FX3U is a compact programmable logic controller (PLC) designed for small to medium-sized control applications. It is a part of Mitsubishi Electric's FX series of PLCs and provides a range of features and functionality to help control and automate various industrial processes.

The FX3U is known for its compact size and high performance, making it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, such as material handling systems, assembly lines, and packaging machinery. It also has a large capacity for input/output (I/O) connections, allowing it to control and communicate with a variety of field devices such as sensors, actuators, and other automation equipment.

The FX3U PLC also supports various programming languages, including Mitsubishi's proprietary ladder logic language, making it easy for users to develop and modify control programs. Additionally, the FX3U offers built-in functionality for data communication, including Ethernet and serial communication protocols, which allows for easy integration into modern industrial networks.

The price of the FX3U PLC depends on various factors such as the model, the number of inputs and outputs, and the location where it is purchased.

ATN-24MT 12 input 12 Transistors Output  RS485 PLC ControllerThis PLC uses a high-speed 32-bit ARM as the main control CPU, capable of supporting extremely high communication rates. It is recommended to set the Mitsubishi software on the computer to the highest rate of 115.2K.It directly suppor..
$49.80 $52.80
Package included: 1pcs Samkoon touch screen EA-043A1pcs PLC PLC download cable1pcs Touch screen program CableThis is a discounted set of PLC's that support RS485 and RTC...
$85.00 $92.00
FX3U 10MR 14MR 20MR 2AD 2DA RS485 RS232 with RS232 Round cablePackage included:PLC board *1..
FX3U seriesSupports 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputsSupport positioning and return-to-origin instructions6 channels of 100K high-speed pulsesSupport RS485 Modbus RtuDownload Cable use PC-DVP or USB-DVP..
FX3U 14MR 14MT 24MR 24MT 1AD 1DA output baud rate 115.2Kbps MODBUS RTU RS485 RS232FX3U PLC Industrial Control BoardThe FX3U PLC Industrial Control Board is a versatile and high-performance solution designed for driving stepper motors and servo motors, making it an ideal choice for industrial automat..
FX3U 6/24/48 PLC with Ethernet Port 2*RS485 8 Axis FX3U 6/24/48 PLC with Ethernet Port 2*RS485 8 Axis
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FX3U PLC with Ethernet Port and 2 RS485 ports. This advanced PLC offers a range of impressive features, including compatibility with USB to RS232 download cables (Xinjie or Delta), power failure retention for up to 8 years without data loss, and enhanced security through super encryption functionali..
$38.00 $45.00
FX3U PLC Programmable Logic Controller High-speed Pulse With Analog 4AD2DA Support Modbus RTU FX3U PLC Programmable Logic Controller High-speed Pulse With Analog 4AD2DA Support Modbus RTU
-50 %
The PLC programmable controller FX3U 24/32/48/64 features transistor and relay outputs. It functions as a high-speed pulse band analog controller, boasting stable performance. With comprehensive command support, it offers flexibility and reliability across diverse control tasks. It delivers precise ..
$25.00 $50.00
fx3u-128mr PLC Relay Output BoardMemory capacity 32000 steps,64 input, 64 outputOutput current 5A,relay output,Load 24v 220vHigh-speed counting 6 channels 5kText Link on Screen: SupportConnect Press Screen: SupportProgramming Software: GX Developer Or GX Works2..
FX3U-14/24/32/48MT MR 8 Channel 100K Pulse Output FX3U-14/24/32/48MT MR 8 Channel 100K Pulse Output
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FX3U-24MT 48MT 32MT Transistor Output Logic Controller Modbus RTC Pulse Output Step Motor Product: FX3U-32MR/32MTSize: 150*90*40mmOutput mode: Relay(32MR)/Transistor(32MT) Input number: 16Output number: 16Power supply: DC24VOutput current: 5A(32MR), 1A(32MT) Analog input: 6AD (3AD 0-10V, 3AD 4-20..
$25.00 $26.00
FX3U-32MT FX3U-32MR 6AD2DA 8 Axis 100k FX3U-32MT FX3U-32MR 6AD2DA 8 Axis 100k
-31 %
FX3U-32MR - Mitsubishi PLC Module with Relay OutputsFX3U-32MT - Mitsubishi PLC Controller with Transistor Outputs and High-Speed Pulse FunctionalityFX3U-32MR:Compact Mitsubishi PLC controller with reliable relay outputs.16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs for versatile automation.5A current cap..
$45.00 $65.00
FX3U-40MT/R-2AD2DA 4 Axis 100khz RS485 FX3U-40MT/R-2AD2DA 4 Axis 100khz RS485
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FX3U-40MT/R 24 Inputs And 16 Transistor/Relay Outputs (Transistor Output 4 Axis High-Speed Pulse Isolated Outputs,  Max 100khz)  2 Channel 0~10v Analog Inputs, 2 Analog OutputsRS485 Station No. D8121 Mode D8126 =0  =0x2 slave station =0x20 master stationRS232 Station No. D840124 input..
$95.00 $125.00
FX3U-48MT FX3U-48MR 6AD2DA 8 Axis 100k FX3U-48MT FX3U-48MR 6AD2DA 8 Axis 100k
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FX3U-48MR and FX3U-48MT Mitsubishi PLCs, are robust industrial control systems designed to meet your automation needs. These PLCs share several common features, making them versatile and reliable solutions for a wide range of applications.FX3U-48MR:Output Type: This PLC is equipped with relay output..
$65.00 $85.00
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