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Mini Eth-MPI (Smart ie) S7-300 Ethernet

Mini Eth-MPI (Smart ie) S7-300 Ethernet
Mini Eth-MPI (Smart ie) S7-300 Ethernet
Mini Eth-MPI (Smart ie) S7-300 Ethernet
Mini Eth-MPI (Smart ie) S7-300 Ethernet
Mini Eth-MPI (Smart ie) S7-300 Ethernet
Mini Eth-MPI (Smart ie) S7-300 Ethernet
Mini Eth-MPI (Smart ie) S7-300 Ethernet
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This product integrates ETH-MPI (used to convert S7-300 to Ethernet) and ETH-smartIE (used to connect smart IE touch screen and Siemens S7-300PLC), and is a 10M/10M adaptive product. One end is connected to the MPI port of Siemens S7-300, and the other end is the Ethernet port, which can be directly connected to the switch or the Ethernet port of the smart IE touch screen, or the Ethernet port of the host computer. It can connect 4 devices at the same time

Package includes:

Mini Eth-MPI *1

The equipment mentioned refers to the host computer with WinCC or step7, configuration network, force control, etc., and Siemens smart IE touch screen, or other Siemens 300 touch screen with Ethernet port.

Product Advantages

1. Connect the MPI/DP (master station master) of the S7-300 PLC to the Dalian Dega ETHMPI (smartIE) Ethernet converter, convert it into Siemens Profinet (TCP/IP) Ethernet protocol, and connect STEP7, WinCC through the network cable, Siemens smartIE touch screen, Kingview, Power Control, kEP Server EX, and much other software and hardware products and computers.

2. Siemens S7-300 cannot communicate with each other through ETH-MPI (smartIE), ETH-MPI (smartIE) is only used for communication between PLC and computer and Siemens smartIE touch screen.

3. The number of TCP/IP channels is 4 [ Note: It can only serve four host computers or devices, and WinCC and STEP7 can be run simultaneously in the same host computer

4. Easy to install, all use Ethernet cable, computer and touch screen are connected by Ethernet cable, installation, and programming and debugging are very convenient, realizing networking. The anti-electromagnetic interference ability reaches the highest level, which is much better than MPI or DP bus, and it is a real industrial grade.

5, the communication speed is fast, 100M, 10M adaptive.

6. For S7-300 small and medium-sized projects, it has very large hardware configuration flexibility.

Please note the following:

1. The [E, I, Q, M, V] of the Siemens smartIE touch screen correspond to the [E, I, Q, M, DB] of the S7300PLC, except for the V area and the DB block, the corresponding relationship should be determined by the selection value of SWITCH, In addition, the rest are one-to-one correspondence:

smartIE touch screen corresponds to S7-300 PLC

Q area (0-32767) ---- Q area (0-32767)

Zone I (0-32767) ---- Zone I (0-32767)

Area M (0-32767) ---- Area M (0-32767)

V area (0-32767) ---- DB block......

2. The range of the last segment of the IP address of the Siemens smartIE touch screen should be 200-255 [for example,,,]

3. The ETH-MPI (smartIE) converter distinguishes between the host computer [computer] and the Siemens smartIE touch screen through the range of the last segment of the IP address of the other party [Note: The IP address of the host computer is: smartIE The IP address is:]; as long as the address of the last segment is less than 200, the ETH-MPI (smartIE) converter will treat the device as a host computer [computer] using Siemens S7-300 TCP protocol, When the address is greater than or equal to 200, the Ethernet protocol of Siemens smartIE touch screen is used, and the mapping conversion function between the V area and the DB block is started.

Therefore, the last segment of the IP address of all other devices other than Siemens smartIE touch screen should not be greater than 199! 


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