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LK3U PLC High speed output

* Standard version supports 4 high-speed outputs: Y0 ~ Y3; high-speed output enhanced version can support 8 high-speed output: Y0 ~ Y7.
*Y0~Y5 supports the highest pulse frequency: 200KHz; Y6~Y7 supports the highest pulse frequency: 100KHz.
*Standard version When using Y4~Y7 pulse/positioning command, report 6505 fault.

Special register and relay

Special relay
Device numberNameR/WObject instruction
M8029Instruction execution end flagRPLSY/PLSR/DSZR/ DVIT/ZRN/DRVI/ DRVA  
M8329Instruction execution abend flagRPLSY/PLSR/DSZR/ DVIT/ZRN/PLSV/ DRVI/DRVA 
M8338Acceleration and decelerationR/WPLSV
M8336Interrupt input specification function is validR/WDVIT
M8340M8350M8360M8370M8440M8450M8470M8480Monitoring in pulse outputRPLSY/PLSR/DSZR/ DVIT/ZRN/PLSV/ DRVI/DRVA 
M8341M8351M8361M8371M8441M8451M8471M8481Clear signal output function is valid*2R/WDSZR/ZRN
M8342M8352M8362M8372M8442M8452M8472M8482Origin return direction specificationR/WDSZR
M8343M8353M8363M8373M8443M8453M8473M8483Forward limitR/WPLSY/PLSR/DSZR/ DVIT/ZRN/PLSV/ DRVI/DRVA 
M8344M8354M8364M8374M8444M8454M8474M8484Reversal limit
M8345M8355M8365M8375M8445M8455M8475M8485Near-point signal logic inversionR/WDSZR
M8346M8356M8366M8376M8446M8456M8476M8486Zero signal logic inversion
M8347M8357M8367M8377M8447M8457M8477M8487Interrupt signal logic inversionR/WDVIT
M8348M8358M8368M8378M8448M8458M8478M8488Positioning command driverRPLSY/PWM/PLSR/ DSZR/DVIT/ZRN/ PLSV/DRVI/DRVA
M8349M8359M8369M8379M8449M8459M8479M8489Pulse stop commandR/WPLSY/PLSR/DSZR/ DVIT/ZRN/PLSV/ DRVI/DRVA 
M8460M8461M8462M8463M8152M8153M8154M8155User interrupt input commandR/WDVIT
M8464M8465M8466M8467M8156M8157M8158M8159Clear signal device designation function is validR/WDSZR/ZRN
*1 High-speed output enhanced version.
*2 When the standard board clear signal device specification function is invalid, clear signals Y0-Y4, Y1-Y5, Y2-Y6, Y3-Y7;
When the high-speed output enhanced version clear signal device specification function is invalid,Clear signal Y0-Y10, Y1-Y11,Y2-Y12, Y3-Y13,Y4-Y14, Y5-Y15,      
  Y6-Y16, Y7-Y17;

Special register

Device numberNameInitial valueLengthObject instruction
D8336D8337Interrupt input specification016 bitDVIT
D8340D8350D8360D8370D8440D8450D8470D8480Position current value register032 bitDSZR/DVIT/ZRN/ DSZR/ 
D8342D8352D8362D8372D8442D8452D8472D8482Base speed [Hz]016 bit
D8343D8353D8363D8373D8443D8453D8473D8483Maximum speed [Hz]10000032 bit
D8345D8355D8365D8375D8445D8455D8475D8485Crawling speed [Hz]100016 bitDSZR
D8346D8356D8366D8376D8446D8456D8476D8486Origin return speed [Hz]5000032 bit
D8348D8358D8368D8378D8448D8458D8478D8488Acceleration time [ms]10016 bitDSZR/DVIT/ZRN/ PLSV*2/DRVI/ 
D8349D8359D8369D8379D8449D8459D8479D8489Deceleration time [ms]10016 bit
D8464D8465D8466D8467D8156D8157D8158D8159Clearing signal device designation016 bitDSZR/ZRN
D8140D8142D8144D8146D8170D8172D8174D8176pulse current value register032 bitPLSY/PLSR*3
*1 High-speed output enhanced version.
*2 The M8338 needs to be turned ON, and the acceleration/deceleration function of PLSV is valid.
*3 When this pulse is used, the pulse issued by the axis accumulates the corresponding register when the PLSY and PLSR instructions are used.

Enhanced PWM Description

* Channels that support enhanced PWM output are: Y0, Y1, Y2, Y3;
* Enhanced PWM maximum frequency is: 900KHz (out of 6707 error), duty cycle: 1.0% ~ 99.0% (the higher the frequency, the greater the duty error).
* Both frequency and duty cycle can be changed and output in real time during instruction execution.

*S1--PWM specified frequency, 32 digits (Y0-Y3 up to 900KHz, exceeding 6706);
*S2--PWM specified duty cycle, 16 digits (0-1000: corresponding to 0%-100%, exceeding 6706);

*D --PWM output Y channel (only Y0-Y3 is supported).

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