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  • Model: LK3U-80MR/MT-10AD-2DA
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LK3U-80MR/MT-10AD-2DA 40 input 40 output plc controller rs485 RTC

LK3U-80MR-10AD-2DA 40 input 40 relay output.

LK3U-80MT-10AD-2DA 40 input 40 transistor output.

40 inputs and 40 outputs: 40 channels DC24VNPN input,

MR: 40 channels relay output, load AC250V/DC0V-DC30V <3A

MT: 40 channels transistor output, load DC24V<0.5A (NPN output)

Analog temperature acquisition

Analog quantity description: input default 0-10V, can be changed to 0-20mA

The output is compatible with G-, V+ is 0-10V output G-, I+ is 0-20mA output

Temperature description: AD can be changed to temperature input NTC10K (-40-150°C)

Or NTC50K (-40-209°C) or PT100 (-40-450°C), corresponding to 1-10 channels

communication port

1 channel rs232: supports Mitsubishi programming port protocol, can download programs and connect various touch screens

2 channel rs485: support standard modbus rtu protocol/RS non-protocol communication, Mitsubishi programming port protocol, can be used to download programs, communicate with various touch screens, inverters, etc.

*Optional 1-way network port: support programming port protocol, Modbus TCP protocol

high-speed pulse

High-speed input: default 2-way input (X0 60khz X1 10khz)

Can be added up to 6 channels (x2 10khz x3 60khz. x4 x5 10khz)

High-speed output: MT transistor/MRT hybrid model 8-way high-speed pulse output

(Y0-Y5 200khz Y6-7 100khz)

*MR relay has no high-speed pulse output

Optional 2-way weighing

24-bit precision 5V sensor

Weighing corresponding wiring +EXE +SIG -EXE SIG are respectively positive excitation and positive signal

Negative excitation, negative signal. Signal voltage range -20mV~ +20mV Refresh frequency 10hz

Input Power DC 24V
Input 32
Output 32
Analog input 10*0-10V
Analog output 2*0-10V
Real Time Clock(RTC) support
RS485-Modbus 2*RS485
Certification CE

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