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  • Model: LK2N-14MR/MT-4AD-2DA
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LK2N-14MR/MT-4AD-2DA 8 input 6 output plc controller rs485 RTC

Analog inputDefault (0-10V) Optional 0-20ma
Analog outputOutput is compatible with voltage and current. Connecting to G- V+ is 0-10v output, and connecting to G- I+ is 0-20ma output
High-speed pulseHigh-speed input defaults to 2 channels (X0 60kHz, X1 10kHz), high-speed output 4 channels (Y0-Y1 200kHz Y2-Y3 100kHz)
Communication port1 channel 232 9-pin serial port, 2 TXD, 3 RXD 5 GND, supports Mitsubishi programming port protocol, 1 channel 485 interface definition A B GND, supports Mitsubishi programming port/modbus rtu/RS protocol
LK Options
Thermal resistance temperature NTCAD can be customized as thermal resistance type Temperature input NTC10k (-40~150) or NTC50k (-40~209), NTC10k converts NTC50k (MOV K4095 D8009)
Thermocouple temperature TCDefault K type,
High-speed input4 channels (X2 10kHz X3 60kHz X4 X5 10kHz)
DA extensionLK2N 32/48 extension 2/4 channels
CAN communicationMode 1: Connection of multiple industrial control boards, extended I/O points or analog quantities, temperature, etc., response speed without delay, maximum 320 channels, extended analog temperature input, does not occupy 485 and 232 communication ports
Mode 2: Connect dedicated modules
Weighing function1 channel, E+ E- S+ S- four wires, voltage 5V, signal voltage range -20mv~20mv; data collection frequency 10HZ
Input Power DC 24V
Input 8
Output 6
Analog input 4*0-10V
Analog output 2*0-10V
Real Time Clock(RTC) support
RS485-Modbus 2*RS485

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