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LE3U PLC programmable logic controller

8 input 6 Transistor output 6 analog (3 channel 0-10v, 3 0-20mA) 2 channel  0-10v analog output

Power-down to maintain, can be set free
DC 24V power supply
Support for 16-bit encryption,
Supports three kinds of interrupts,
485 communication Support 4 kinds of communication protocols,
Support 1N, 2N, 3U of the instructions,
Power-down to maintain their own set range,
Program 8000 steps,
Download speed 38400,
Floating-point operations,
Scan 3000 steps 1ms

8-point input, 6  outputs 6 analog input  2 analog output plc controller RS485 MODBUS RTU RTC (real time clock)

X0-X5 high-speed input, can be accessed by three AB encoder, the default 12K, optional 100K

3-way AB input

Input Power


Number of steps

8000 steps; 2 communication ports: 1 RS232 (DB9 serial port is communication port for the FX3u protocol 38400,7,E,1; 1 RS485 (485 selection)  communication protocol can be set D8120).

X input element

X0-X27 DC24 input,Low level,X0-5 is a high-speed count input port (the Default is 12K)

Y output element

Y0-Y11 for optimal relay output,relay output current 5A.

4 continuation electric apparatus 1 common end, altogether 3 common ends

Analog input

6 analog input, 12 bit precision,  3 channel analog input 0-10V, 3 channel analog input 0-20MA; read analog RD3A instruction

Analog output

2 analog output, 12 bit precision, output voltage: 0-10V. output analog voltage with WR3A instruction

Intermediate relay

M0-M3071, power-down save range can be set M0-M1023, the default M500-M1023

Step point

S0-1023, power-down save range can be set S0-S1023, the default S500-S9999

100Ms timer

T0-T199 Accumulated power-down saving T184-T199

10Ms timer

T200-T249 Accumulated power-down saving T246-T249

1Ms timer

T250-T383, where T250-255 is the cumulative type

16-bit counter

C0-C199, power-down save C100-C199

32-bit counter

C200-C219, save the power-down C220-C234

32-bit high-speed counter

C235-255; C235-C240 for the single-phase counter, not multiplier; C241-240 for the single-phase calculator, 2 octave; C2470249 for the dual-phase counter, not multiplier; C250-252 for dual-phase counter, ; C253-C255 for the dual-phase counter, 4 octave

Register D

D0-D7999, power-down save the range can be set D0-7999

Indirect addressing pointer V, Z

V0-7, Z0-7

P The subroutine jump number


I interrupt

X0-5 external interrupt, timer interrupt (1MS unit) counter interrupt

Special M components

M8000 run-time normally closed, M8002 power pulse, M8011 is 10Ms pulse,
M8012 is 100Ms pulse, M8013 is 1s pulse, M8014 is minute pulse

plc & hmi
Input Power DC 24V
Input 8
Output 6
Analog input AD0-AD2: 0-10V:AD3-AD5: 0-20MA
Analog output DA0-DA1: 0-10V
Real Time Clock(RTC) Optional
RS485-Modbus Optional

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