LE2N 14MR 14MT PLC controller 8 input 6 relay output programmable controller rs485

Intermediate relay

M0-M3071, power-down save range can be set M0-M1023, the default M500-M1023

Step point


100Ms timer

T0-T199 Accumulated power-down saving T184-T199

10Ms timer

T200-T245 Accumulated power-down saving

1Ms timer


16-bit counter

C0-C199, power-down save C100-C199

32-bit counter

C200-C219, save the power-down C220-C234

32-bit high-speed counter

C235-255; C235-C240 for the single-phase counter, not multiplier; C241-240 for the single-phase calculator,

2 octave; C2470249 for the dual-phase counter, not multiplier; C250-252 for dual-phase counter, ; C253-C255 for the dual-phase counter, 4 octave

Register D

D0-D7999, power-down save the range can be set D0-7999

Indirect addressing pointer V, Z

V0-7, Z0-7

P The subroutine jump number


I interrupt




Rs485 example

the plc is used for sc11 or usb-sc09-fx  cable. you can buy own.

RS485 MODBUS RTU description 485 of the communication parameters are set in D8120, and the PLC will take effect after the operation.

After modification, it is necessary to wait for STOP-RUN to take effect again. The D8120 reduction of PLC at STOP was 0).
MODBUS-RTU from station number in D8121 settings (range: 1~255) TO writes the slave station data (supporting broadcast transmission function) with corresponding error detection.
Registers and relays are explained: Master station M8121- master station data transmission,
M8122- master station receives data from station data check error, M8123- master station receives completion mark.
M8124- master station sends broadcast sign M8129- communication timeout sign The 2 communication parameters and functions of D8120- serial port D8126- transmission interval (1=1ms, default 20ms, two communication time interval) D8122- communication timeout D8123- real-time receiving time (1=10ms) D8124- maximum receiving time (1=10ms) D8129- receives timeout settings (1=10ms, default 50=500ms, from sending to completion time) from slave D8120-. Serial 2 communication parameters and functions D8121- slave address (range: 1~255) D8126- response delay (1=1ms, default 5ms) 1, M8121, M8122, M8123 and M8124 are only used internally, only do not write when using MODBUS-RTU master station. 2, D8129 receive timeout time please set up, if the setting time is too long, if there is a communication from the machine, then the time waiting for another communication is D8129 time will be longer!
Special Description: 1:FROM and TO can be used many times in the program. When multiple instructions are executed at the same time, the system will communicate in turn; if the communication is over time, the M8129 ON will report 6306 faults and exit the communication and record the timeout station number in the D8122 register to carry out the next communication instruction. The 2:FROM/TO instruction cannot be used with the RS instruction in the program at the same time, reporting 6609 failure. The maximum length of data length of 3:FROM/TO instruction: bit (1~64), register (1~64); The communication parameters between the 4: master station and the slave station need to be set in order to communicate, such as data length, parity, stop bits and speed. 5: when using a 05 instruction set from the station element, such as: TO H501 K4000 D0 K1 - set the M0 state of No. 1 from the station, if D0 equals 0, from the station M0 to OFF; D0 is not 0, from the station M0; When 6: uses the TO instruction, it can send instructions to all slave stations, only to set the slave station address to 0, such as TO H600 K0 D0 K3: write D0, D1, D2 of the master station to all the slave register addresses 0, 1, and 2; D8129 explains: Communication timeout time set, default 500ms; set skill, D8129 set larger, when the write program communication normal, run for a period of time, monitor the value of D8124, D8129 equal to D8124 plus 3 (for reference only);

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