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JT3U-48MRT-10AD-2DA 8-Axis 100K

JT3U-48MRT-10AD-2DA 8-Axis 100K
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JT3U-48MRT-10AD-2DA 8-Axis 100K
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  • Model: JT3U-48MRT-10AD-2DA
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JT3U FX3U 48MRT 24 input/16 Transistor output 8 Relay output 10AD 2DA 2 Weigh function CAN RS485 8 High-Speed Pulse Outputs

The JT3U single-board PLC is an industrial control board that is compatible with the FX3U 8-axis control system. It features temperature analog and 485 communication capabilities, which allows it to control and monitor various industrial processes effectively. This board can be used to control and manage various industrial processes and machines such as conveyors, automated assembly lines, packaging systems, and more. The 485 communication interface allows it to communicate with other devices, such as sensors and actuators, for efficient control and monitoring of the process. The temperature analog input is useful for measuring and controlling temperature-sensitive processes. With its compatibility with the FX3U control system, the JT3U single-board PLC can be easily integrated into existing industrial control systems, making it a cost-effective solution for many industrial applications.

TypeInputOutputHigh-speed Input
High-speed Output
JT3U-48MR-10AD2DA2424(16 Transistor output 8 Relay output)
2424 Transistor output28102optional

**The CAN communication port can only use the internal networking (not communicating with external CAN) between PLCs of our model as the shared register.

10 AD inputs (0-10V connected to 500 ohms, variable 0-30mA)

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