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FX1N-14MR PLC Controller

FX1N-14MR PLC Controller
FX1N-14MR PLC Controller
FX1N-14MR PLC Controller
FX1N-14MR PLC Controller
FX1N-14MR PLC Controller
FX1N-14MR PLC Controller
FX1N-14MR PLC Controller
FX1N-14MR PLC Controller
FX1N-14MR PLC Controller
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  • Model: FX1N-14MR
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PLC Programmable Logic Controller FX1N-14MR Industrial-Grade 32-bit MCU Industrial Control Board RS485 Port DC24V For MODBUS


1. This programmable logic controller uses an industrial-grade 32-bit MCU with strong anti-interference and faster speed.

2. High-quality chip, stable performance, online download, online monitoring, automatic save when power is off.

3. Program is written in ladder logic programming language, supports for GX-Developer, GX-work2, and supports HMI connection.

4. Programming port is the port for program upload, download, and HMI communication.

5. Original password protection, as long as the password is 12345678, the inner program will be protected from being stolen. At this time there is no program reading function, only can download the program, and the "parameter" option cannot be ticked when downloading. Unable to unlock the password.

6. The PLC transmission baud rate is 9600.


Output Type

Relay output

Memory Capacity


Power Supply Voltage


Output Current


Analog Input


Analog Output


High-Speed Input

2 Channels 3K

High-Speed Output


RS485 Communication




Connection to Text Display


Connection to Touch Display


Programming Software

GX Developer or GX Works2



Internal Source Distribution:

Programming Language

Ladder Logic Programming Language, SFC stepping command

Program Capacity

8K steps EEPROM

Command Type

Basic Command

27 sequence control, 2-stepping command

Application Command


Command Speed

Basic Command


Application Command



Input Relay X

128 points X0-X127

Output Relay Y

128 points Y0-Y127

Assistant Relay M

Normal Use

1524 points M0-M1523(hold if power off after M500)

Special Use

256 points M8000-M8255

State S

1000 points S0-S999

Timer T


200 points T0-T199


46 points T200-T245


4 points T246-T249

100MS accumulation

6 points T250-T255

Counter C 16-bit

200 points C0-C199(hold if power off after C100)

Counter C 32-bit

56 points C200-C255

Data Register

Normal Use

500 points D0-D500(hold if power off after D200)

Change Address

16 points V7-V0, Z7-Z0

Special Use

255 points D8000-D8255

Nest Pointer

128 points P0-P127





-2 147 483 648-2 147 483 647



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