• USB-RS485 USB-RS422 USB-RS232
Power supply: No external power supply, powered by USB port;
Built-in DC/DC isolation power supply, converting the + 5V power supply of USB port into +12V power supply, supplying power to RS232 port, completely photoelectric isolation between USB terminal and RS232/RS422/RS485 terminal, ensuring reliable and safe communication .
RS232 interface chip is a british FTDI chiao dedicated to computer motherboard, which has very good driving ability.
System Requirements: Support Windows CE/2000/XP/Vista, Win7, Win8, 10, Linux, Mac OS operating system version;
_Interface Standard: RS485/RS422/232 of TIA/EIA;
_Support baud rate range: RS232 is 300 bps-120 kbps; RS485/RS422 is 300 bps-128kbps;
_Fully complies with USB 2.0 standard, compatible with USB 1.1;
Support RS-232 interface, standard DB9 pin-9 interface
Simple installation and driver, compatible with all serial (RS-232) devices, high-speed conversion of data communications
Support remote wake-up and power management;
Support for Automatic Handshake Confederation
Support Plug and Play and Hot Plug (USB);
_Working mode: asynchronous full duplex;
_Use environment: - 40-85 and the relative humidity is 5% to 95%.
_Transmission medium: twisted pair or shielding wire;
_Transmission distance: RS485/RS422/232 standard of TIA/EIA;
Interface Protection: Photoelectric Isolation Voltage: 1500V; 600W Lightning Stroke, Surge Protection, +15KV Electrostatic Protection
Specially designed for connecting Modem, PDA and other high-efficiency equipment, can be connected to PLC, microcontroller and other industrial control equipment, medical equipment, communication equipment, etc.
Size: 76*40mm;
Weight: 400g;

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