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The le-fx1n Industrial Control Board is a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) specifically designed for industrial automation control, compatible with Mitsubishi FX1N PLC. This PLC series integrates RS485 communication and supports analog input and output. Various specifications are available, including Mitsubishi FX1N PLC, PLC FX1N 20MR, and PLC Mitsubishi FX1N 40MR, catering to diverse application needs.

The le-fx1n Industrial Control Board stands out with its affordable pricing, making it a cost-effective choice, while maintaining excellent quality. This series offers flexible solutions, whether for applications with limited input/output points, such as PLC FX1N 20MR, or for users with larger control requirements, such as PLC Mitsubishi FX1N 40MR.

These PLCs provide users with reliable and economical options, whether serving as an upgrade or replacement for Mitsubishi FX1N PLC or for building new industrial control systems. They excel in performance and demonstrate compatibility, communication capabilities, and a rich selection of specifications, making them highly sought-after in the market. If you are seeking a high-value PLC solution, the le-fx1n Industrial Control Edition is an option that cannot be overlooked.

FX1N-10MR/FX1N-10MT FX1N-14MR/FX1N-14MT FX1N-20MR/FX1N-20MT FX1N-24MR/FX1N-24MTPLC Controller FX1N-10MR/FX1N-10MT FX1N-14MR/FX1N-14MT FX1N-20MR/FX1N-20MT FX1N-24MR/FX1N-24MTPLC Controller
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FX1N-10MR and FX1N-10MT PLC are compatible with the Mitsubishi FX1N series of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). They both have the same basic specifications that you've listed, including a DC24V power supply, X0-X5 inputs, Y0-Y3 outputs, and a memory capacity of 8000 steps. The download baud ra..
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PLC Programmable Logic Controller FX1N-14MR Industrial-Grade 32-bit MCU Industrial Control Board RS485 Port DC24V For MODBUSFeatures:1. This programmable logic controller uses an industrial-grade 32-bit MCU with strong anti-interference and faster speed.2. High-quality chip, stable performance, onli..
Product name: FX1N-14MT PLC boardProgramming software: Mitsubishi GX programming software (such as FXGPWIN or GX Developer)Programming Language: Ladder DiagramOnline monitoring: support online monitoring functionAnalog input (AD): 1 wayAnalog output (DA): 1 channel (can be converted into analog inpu..
PLC Programmable Controller 1N-20MR DC Relay Module with Base Industrial Control BoardProduct Function Description:Supports ladder diagram programming with Mitsubishi GX Developer 8.xx and GX-Work2 software.Working voltage: DC 22V-28V.Relay load capacity: AC ≤ 220V 5A, DC ≤ 30V 5A.Supports human-mac..
The FX1N-20MR is a versatile industrial PLC known for its compatibility with the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC standards. With a default download baud rate of 19200, it offers reliable control for a wide range of applications.Key Features and Functions:Ladder Diagram Programming: Write application program..
FX1N-20MR1AD(0-10V)1DA(0-3.3V) PLC Programmable Logic Controller FX1N-20MR1AD(0-10V)1DA(0-3.3V) PLC Programmable Logic Controller
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Programmable Logic Controller PLC Industrial Control Board FX1N-20MR DC10-28V Relay Delay Module with Shell FX1N-20MR1AD1DA PLC has two independent 232 serial ports, which can be programmed and connected to the touch screen.1, RS232 level 9pin port (2:TXD 3:RXD 5:GND)2, TTL level 4pin port (1:GXD 2..
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The FX1N-20MR is a high-performance industrial PLC with a wide range of features and extensive application capabilities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced engineer, it can meet your requirements.Key Features and Functions:Versatile Programming Support: You can create custom control logic ..
FX1N-24MT 24MR WS1N 24VDC or 220VAC PLC Industrial Automation Board Guide rail install Input 14 Output 10 Real-time ClockModel FXIN-24MTInput Points: 14 digital input pointsSupply Voltage: 24V DC or AC 220VAnalog Inputs: 3 analog input channels (3AD)High-Speed Counters: 2 channels with a maximum cou..
FX1N-32MR/32MT PLC Controller FX1N-32MR/32MT PLC Controller
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FX1N-32MR and FX1N-32MT Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) Industrial Control Board 16 Input 16 Output Transistor Relay Module DC24V With 485 Modbus RTU FX1N-32MR and FX1N-32MT are both programmable logic controllers (PLCs) used in industrial automation. These PLCs are designed for controlling a..
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The FX1N 32MRT is a powerful industrial PLC designed to meet a wide range of automation and control applications. It offers a plethora of input and output options and introduces several new features to enhance its versatility.Key Features and Functions:Diverse Input and Output Options: This PLC is e..
Industrial Control Board Programmable Logic Industrial Supplies PLC FX1N‑30MR‑3V‑2D‑MFeature:1. The precise layout of this programmable controller ensures stable operation and easy operation.2. The operating instructions of this programmable controller are clear and operate strictly in accordance wi..
FX2N PLC is an automatic control system based on programmable logic controller (PLC) technology. The power supply requirement of the system is 24VDC, ranging from 22VDC to 26VDC. To ensure a stable power supply, if a transformer is used for power supply, it is necessary to rectify the power supply a..
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