CPU224XP Ethernet borad 
CPU224XP Digital 14input 10output/
CPU226 Digital 24input 16output
CPU224xp Analog 2 channel input/1 channel output
DC24V 1A
2 channel PPI port(support Modbus)

Comes with a perpetual calendar, which can be maintained for 2 years after power failure

PPI communication interface supports 187.5K, supports Modbus protocol

Up to 7 modules can be connected

Automatic saving of power-down data

Software supports all instructions in Siemens v4.0 Step 7

CPU226-ETH Manual

CPU224XP-ETH Manual

Increase the network interface, through the Ethernet interface
upload/download programs, monitor, connect to the touch screen,  
configuration software, plc networking, remote control, etc.
Support Siemens s7 network protocol and Modbus TCP protocol (can be used as server and client)

High-speed transmission: transmission speed up to 100M

Powerful communication: Support 5 SOCKET, and can connect with 5 terminal devices at the same time. Support network programming, can download the program from the network

Protocol: Support Siemens protocol and Modbus TCP general protocol

Programming simple: use Siemens S7 protocol, no programming is required. If you use ModbusTCP protocol, there is a dedicated instruction library

Reliable communication: using EMI anti-interference technology, it can work with the inverter without crashing or dropping the line

Convenient configuration: support web configuration and PPI programming line configuration

Independent operation: independent operation of network communication resources without occupying PPI communication resources

Analog Module EM235 AI4AQ2


Analog Module EM235 AI8 AQ4


Digital Module 8I/8O Relay Type EM223

O1CN01FMwETz1jgljAIbdRJ_!!210074578O1CN01ClsCb81jgljFbh6A6_!!210074578  O1CN01AzbRja1jgljDWBTcG_!!210074578

Digital Module 16I/16O Relay Type EM223 


NTC Thermal Resistance Temperature Module NTC-8 AQ4


plc & hmi
Input 14
Output 10
Analog input 2
Analog output 1
Communication Port 2 channel PPI port(support Modbus)

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LE-200 Ethernet CPU224XP/CPU226XP-ETH and Extension Module

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