This USB motion control card has the below advantages: small volume, easy to use, has a strong anti-interference ability, No need to install any USB drivers,it can be used after plugging in the computer. ,suitable for all versions of Windows. Fully supporting all Mach3 versions.

Functions and Features:


1, while controlling the four stepper motor operation.

2, with 8-way programmable input interface, can be configured to limit emergency stop and other functions.

3, with 3-way programmable output interface, can be configured for water-cooled, fog cold, and other controlled peripherals.

4, the spindle PWM output control.

5, support MACH3 software

6, USB interface, support MACH3 software.

7, DCDC electrical isolation

8, optocoupler isolation

9, the maximum 100K stepper motor control pulse output, suitable for most machine tool system needs.

10, ultra-small size, substrate area 69 * 52mm, than bank cards

Applications :

For the processing of various patterns of colorful molds such as: embossed board, soles die, button mold, zipper die, pattern text and India bronzing die, instrument mold, glass molds.

For the advertising industry such as: Secretary licensing, signs, architectural models, badges, badges, Mingban, display panels, signs, door signs, signs, process decoration, furniture decoration.

For portrait, landscape, calligraphy lettering, seal and other art plane carving, Yin Wen, Yang outline, relief production.

With CNC controller, suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized automation equipments.


1 x mach3 USB stepper motor controller board    

1 x USB cable

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CNC MACH3 USB 4 Axis 100KHz USBCNC Controller card

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