Welcome to our blog, where we introduce the exceptional capabilities of the 4-20mA/0-10V Liquid Level Sensor. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this sensor offers accurate measurement and stable control for a wide range of applications. With an accuracy of 0.5% full scale, a working voltage of 12-36VDC, and a measuring range of 0-100m, this sensor is a reliable choice for liquid-level monitoring. Let's explore its technical parameters and the benefits it brings to various industries.

Technical Parameters:

Accuracy: The 4-20mA/0-10V Liquid Level Sensor boasts an impressive accuracy of 0.5% full scale. This high level of precision ensures that you can rely on the sensor's measurements for precise control and monitoring.

Working voltage: Operating within a voltage range of 12-36VDC, this sensor provides flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of power systems. Whether you're working with a 12V or 24V power supply, this sensor can be easily integrated into your existing setup.

Measuring range: With a measuring range of 0-100m, this liquid level sensor offers versatility in monitoring liquid levels across various applications. From small tanks to large reservoirs, you can trust this sensor to accurately measure the liquid level within the specified range.

Probe size: The probe of the 4-20mA/0-10V Liquid Level Sensor is designed with practicality in mind. Measuring 90mm in length and 23mm in diameter, the probe is compact yet robust, allowing for easy installation in tight spaces while ensuring durability and longevity.


The 4-20mA/0-10V Liquid Level Sensor finds its utility in a wide range of industries and applications. Some notable applications include:

Industrial Processes: This sensor can be used in industrial processes that require precise liquid level monitoring, such as chemical processing, water treatment, and oil refining. Its accuracy and reliability ensure optimal control and operational efficiency.

Storage Tanks: Whether it's monitoring the fuel level in a storage tank or managing liquid levels in agricultural irrigation systems, this sensor provides accurate readings and enables effective inventory management.

Environmental Monitoring: In environmental monitoring applications, such as river level monitoring or flood detection, this sensor offers real-time data on water levels, aiding in early warning systems and preventing potential disasters.


The 4-20mA/0-10V Liquid Level Sensor stands out as a reliable and accurate solution for liquid level measurement and control. With its exceptional technical parameters, including 0.5% full-scale accuracy, a wide working voltage range of 12-36VDC, a measuring range of 0-100m, and a compact probe size, this sensor is suitable for diverse applications. Whether it's for industrial processes, storage tanks, or environmental monitoring, you can trust this sensor to deliver precise measurements and enable efficient control. Embrace the benefits of this advanced liquid-level sensor and enhance your operations today.