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  • Model: ATN-24MT
  • Weight: 0.50kg
  • Dimensions: 18.00cm x 15.00cm x 12.00cm

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ATN-24MT 12 input 12 Transistors Output  RS485 PLC Controller

  • This PLC uses a high-speed 32-bit ARM as the main control CPU, capable of supporting extremely high communication rates. It is recommended to set the Mitsubishi software on the computer to the highest rate of 115.2K.
  • It directly supports Mitsubishi ladder diagram programming software, including the latest version of Gx-developer 8.86, as well as Mitsubishi's latest GX-Works2 and GX-Works3.
  • It supports a wide range of instructions, including most instructions found in the FX1N and FX2N series.
  • It supports special encryption methods, rendering common cracking methods for FX series passwords ineffective, thus effectively protecting your company's intellectual property.
  • It supports Modbus-RTU.
  • It features a hot-swappable design for serial communication ports, ensuring that the 232 communication lines are not damaged during hot-swapping.
  • It has reverse connection protection for the power supply. Before the initial power-up, please ensure that it is powered by DC 24V and that the wiring is correct.
  • The product is coated with three-proof paint, making it resistant to harsh environmental conditions.
  • Y0 and Y1 can output high-speed pulses. When connecting them to motor drivers, pay attention to serial resistors.

Product advantages

  • Supports simultaneous operation of 3 axes at 200kHz each or 2 axes at 300kHz each, resulting in a total speed of 600kHz.
  • Y0-Y3 are high-speed isolated outputs at 10,000kHz, and all Y signals are isolated.
  • X0-X5 are fully compatible with FX series high-speed counters, supporting SPD (Pulse Density), HSCS (Compare Set), and HSCR (Compare Reset).
  • By default, X0-X5 are shipped with a 20kHz counting pulse input.

Note: The "L+" and "COM" of the output terminals must be connected to the positive and negative of the load power supply. When the total load current exceeds 5A, connect both sets of "L+" and "COM" on the output terminals to the load power supply.


ATN-24MT Manual

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