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AMS PLC is a versatile programmable logic controller (PLC) that is compatible with Delta ES2 DVP Series PLC. It supports both DC 24V and AC 220V power supply options, providing flexibility in various industrial applications.

AMS PLC offers multiple models with different communication options, including RS232 and RS485. These communication interfaces allow the PLC to connect and exchange data with other devices or systems, such as human-machine interfaces (HMIs), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and other PLCs.

One advantage of AMS PLC over Delta PLC is that it is generally cheaper. The lower cost can make it an attractive option for budget-conscious projects without compromising functionality or performance.

When considering a PLC for your specific application, it's important to review the technical specifications, programming capabilities, and available features of both the AMS PLC and Delta ES2 DVP Series PLC to ensure they meet your requirements. Additionally, consider factors such as support, availability of documentation, and the reputation of the manufacturer to make an informed decision.


Compact and versatile programmable controller for industrial automation applications.

Built-in high-speed input and pulse output for precise control of inputs and outputs.

Supports high-speed comparison interrupt and external input interrupt.

Built-in communication ports: 1RS232, 2RS485.

Supports connection of up to 8 expansion modules.

Supports S-curve acceleration and deceleration functions.

Supports inverter control commands.

Ideal for motion control applications.


High-speed input: 2 channels at 100kHz, 6 channels at 10kHz.

Single-phase input: 8 points (AB phase input, 4 groups).

High-speed comparison interrupt: 8 points.

With its compatibility, high-speed capabilities, communication ports, and expansion options, the AMS series PLC provides a wide range of functionalities for industrial automation and motion control applications.

AMS-DVP PLC ES2 DVP Series RS232/485 AMS-DVP PLC ES2 DVP Series RS232/485
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