1、It can realize pointing forward and reverse rotation

        The positive switch is closed to control the motor positive rotation; the reverse switch is closed to control the motor reverse rotation. Forward and reverse switch can be PLC output port, travel switch, inductive switch, button switch, etc.

2, can be internal potentiometer or external potentiometer speed control

        If no external potentiometer is detected when the controller is powered on, the internal potentiometer will be used automatically to regulate the speed. External speed potentiometer is recommended to use 10k potentiometer (you can also use less than 10k potentiometer, but the speed range becomes narrower). External speed control principle: different resistance values between the speed control port and COM port, the controller outputs different frequency pulses, the greater the resistance value the lower the frequency, the resistance value is greater than 10k stop output pulse, so by adjusting the potentiometer can completely terminate the pulse output.

3、The controller can use 12V or 24V DC power supply.

4、Maximum pulse frequency 20kHZ

5、The direction and pulse port is 5V level, which can be directly connected to the driver without resistor in series on the wire

6、Acceleration slope and deceleration slope are adjusted separately

7、Acceleration time and deceleration time are adjustable independently

8、With limit function (forward rotation limit and reverse rotation limit)

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