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EA-043A EA-035A-T EA-070B Samkoon Touch Screen

EA-043A  EA-035A-T EA-070B Samkoon Touch Screen
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EA-043A EA-035A-T EA-070B Samkoon Touch Screen
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Samkoon EA-043A HMI Touch Screen New 4.3 Inch 480*272 Human Machine Interface

Samkoon EA-070B HMI touch screen panel 7 inch Human Machine Interface USB host

The EA-043A Samkoon HMI Touch Screen is a 4.3-inch human-machine interface device with a 480 x 272 pixels resolution. It is used to interface with and control various industrial equipment and machinery.

Samkoon hmi touch screen 4.3 inches EA-043A can replace SA-4.3A

The Samkoon EA-070B is a human-machine interface (HMI) touch screen, which is a type of display device used to interact with industrial machinery and process control systems. The touch screen allows for intuitive and user-friendly control of industrial processes, and its compact size makes it suitable for use in a variety of applications. Features of the Samkoon EA-070B may include a 7-inch display, a high-resolution touch screen, and compatibility with a variety of industrial protocols.

Samkoon HMI software and Driver

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