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MPI DP PPI To Ethernet Gateway Protocol Processor Module RVNet-S7300 Modbus TCP TIA Siemens S7-200/300/400 PLC CP343-1 CP5611

Programming and downloading on S7-200/300/400 For PLC be updated.


ETH-MPI is Ethernet converter for S7-300 series, easy to use, is completely transparent to the user, without adding any program in the host computer and PLC, can use immediately after installed.


It convert PPI/MPI/DP protocol to TCP / IP protocol, so that it can realize long distance, high speed (up to a maximum of 1.5 m) communication and support various well-known host software (such as WinCC and Kingview, force control InTouch, kepserver Ex),


and can be simultaneously connected with STEP7 programming with Siemens S7-300.


Replace  SIEMENS Ethernet communication processor CP343-1 module completely, can replace the SIEMENS CP5611, CP5613, CP5512 communication card and SIEMENS Adapter PC programming adapter.


Support S7-200/300/400

PPI/MPI/DP protocol

Support STEP7, WinCC in WinXP, Win7 32/64-bits

Support SCADA, OPC communication.

Support TIA portal platform, 

Build-in Modbus TCP server 

Up to 32 TCP connection.

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