32 inputs and 28 transistor/relay outputs (6 axis high-speed pulse isolated outputs,  max 100KHz)  4 channel 0~10V analog inputs, 2 analog outputs

Input XX0~X37 32 points 5ma input current

Low-level input is valid

Output YY0~Y33 28 points DC24V 1A output current, NPN output is valid

C00~C03 are effective when connected to low potential

High-speed pulse output (100Khz)

Y0~Y5 6 points (interpolation is not supported)

Support six pulses simultaneously output 100Khz, independent of each other


High-speed pulse input (8Khz)X0~X5 6 pointsC235~C255
Analog input

AD0~AD3 0-10V input*2 channels

GND is the input zero potential, and the +5V signal is provided to the external precision potentiometer

0-10V voltage corresponds to the value of D811* register 0~4095, without FROM/TO instruction

Analog output

DA1~DA2 0-10V output*2 channels

GND is the output zero potential

The value of D811* register 0~4095 corresponds to the terminal 0-10V voltage output, without the FROM/TO instruction

Communication Interface

1.232 (programming port)

2.485 interface (optional)

  • IMG_0696fx3u
1.new design
2. software
3. Instructions
4. encryption
5. communications
6. High-speed input

Has shell, beautiful and anti dust; back of the rail snaps for easy installation and removal, eliminating the tedious installation with screw punch; Compact design, less space; Input and output indicators clear and intuitive

Size: L * W * H = 155mm * 110mm * 43mm

Compatible Mitsubishi ladder programming software that supports the latest version of the Gx-developer 8.86 and Mitsubishi latest GX-Works2 And other software to support online monitoring, downloading.

Mitsubishi fx1n, fx2n instruction (except FROM TO VRRD VRSC ABS RD3A WR3A instructions)

Support special encryption method, the market fx series regular crack the password is invalid, effectively protect your company's intellectual property and the fruits of labor

1) RS -free protocol communication (Mitsubishi basic) 2) modbus RTU master and slave protocol (conveniently supported temperature controller, inverter communication) 3) modbus ASCII master-slave protocol

Supports 6-channel high-speed pulse inputs, 2 AB phase pulse input (encoder interface is fully compatible fx1n) Physical map (WYSIWYG)

Performance PK


Other PLCs

Production process

SMT automatic placement , reflow

Line manual welding

Surface treatment

Fully three anti-paint spraying ,higher protectionstandard


IO indicator

Indicator clearly visible, and display digital Facilitate debugging , monitoring


Expansion Module

Can be accessed RS485 expansion module , enhanced RS instruction

Can not be extended

PLC master CPU

Imported industrial grade 32 ARM CPU

STC 8bit CPU

Immunity EFT test

Greater than the highest standards of industrial grade 4KV

Less than 2KV

Analog Input

2 channel AD Voltage signal Input

Not supported

Output capacity

1.Qualified relay output current 5A

2 transistor module output current of 1A, with tvs protection


1 inferior relay

2 mos tube called the large current output , is actually very easy to damage

IO terminals

Pluggable replacement , easy debugging , price 0.5 yuan per person , it is Brass pins

Ordinary is not removable , the price is only 0.2 yuan per person , iron pins, easy to rust

Programming communication port

1 .Mitsubishi Interface with damping locked

2 .RS485, Programming and RS instruction

Two interfaces can be used simultaneously !

232 ordinary programming line vibration easy to swap , a single interface.

32 instruction


Not supported

P instruction


Not supported


Support , and Retentive device range and Mitsubishi as

Does not support or only a small amount of support

Real-time clock

Clock, Calendar

( optional)


High-speed output channels

4 channel high-speed output, support all FX1N / FX2N Relative positioning, absolute positioning command, to control servo, stepper easier

Not supported

High-speed input detection

6 channel high-speed counter inputs can simultaneously detect two -way AB phase encoder

Not supported

Modbus communication

Stand by 485 Modbus RTU / ASCII master and slave communications, can Networking, Remote control, monitoring and more convenient

Not supported

Instruction Set

27 basic instructions , 2 step instructions 102 Basic application instructions , almost fully compatible with Mitsubishi instruction , development of alternative and more convenient

Instruction less general application instructions 50 or so, the development of alternative difficult

2K step scan time

Less than 4MS

Greater than 50MS


256 (T0-T255)

40 or so


256 (C0-C255)

40 or so


2500 (D0-D2047 D8000-D8255) domestic Up

80 or so

plc & hmi
Input Power DC 24V
Input 24
Output 16
Analog input 0~10V
Analog output 0~10V
Real Time Clock(RTC) Optional
RS485-Modbus Support

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LE3U-60MT/R 32DI 28DO 4AD 2DA RS485

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