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Industrial pH meter probe 0 ~ 14PH 5m

Industrial pH meter probe 0 ~ 14PH 5m
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Industrial pH meter probe 0 ~ 14PH 5m
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Functions and features:
Molded electrode
The low impedance glass electrode sensitive film is formed, it can be applied to various conditions PH measurements with fast response, thermal stability and good; good reproducibility, hard to be hydrolyzed to virtually eliminate the alkali error; 0 ~ 14PH within the range of linear potentiometer value, Ag / Agcl salt bridge with the gel electrolyte composition having a stable system of reference half-cell potential and excellent anti-pollution properties, PTFE ring diaphragm clogging, with domestic and foreign species of PH meter so directly supporting
1, the electrode can be used in conjunction with a variety of pH meter.
2, using the electrode terminals mode, with a standard 3/4 inch thread.
3, electrode life normal use for one year, due to the harsh environment, or improper maintenance will shorten the life of the electrodes
1, the measurements should be first in distilled water (or deionized water) washed with dry filter paper water to prevent impurities into the test solution
The electrode bulb and the junction is to be completely immersed in the test solution.
2, the electrode should not wash, plus a protective sleeve inserted into 3.5M potassium chloride solution, or electrode inserted chloride added 3.5M
Potassium solution container.
3, check the wiring terminals is dry, if the stain, wipe with ethanol, dry after use.
4, should avoid prolonged soaking in distilled water or a protein solution, and prevent contact with silicone grease.
5, the use of longer electrode which is transparent glass film may become present or be accompanied by sediment washed available at this time, hydrochloric acid, and
6, the electrode is recommended to be cleaned once a month as well as with the instrument calibration.
7, when you use the above method for electrode maintenance and repair procedures and can not be corrected properly measured, indicating that the electrode is no longer
Law recovery response, replace the electrode.
Measuring range: 0-14pH
Temperature range: 0-80C
Pressure: 0.6MP dimensions: up and down 3 / 4NPT pipe thread
Material: PS connection mode: low-noise cable directly leads

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