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30MR   16input   14Relay output(Y2--Y17)

32MRT  16input   2 transistor output(Y0 Y1) 14 Relay output(Y2--Y17).

Product material

CPU:CPUImported 32 Bit chip 

Board color:black

New features of the product:MODBUS_RTUmain From mode,Easy implementation and industrial instrumentation,Remote device,Connection of inverter and other equipment。

If realized1Multi touch screenPLCControl can bringPLCConfigured to slave mode。

Analog function:enhanceADThe acquisition of analog quantity by port,Processing function,Yes sampling period ,Filtering parameters,Average sampling times,Channel analog type,Gain value,Set the offset value,It is convenient for engineers to debug analog quantity。

Software and MITSUBISHIPLCThe standard is completely universal:

Download baud rate support:9600(default)

Imported industrial grade32positionCPUPowerful function、Faster、More stable performance,It can be written in the monitor, which is more convenient for debugging,Special encryption method makesPLCNot cracked,32Bit chip even if the hardware cracking can not be achieved。

It can be flexibly used in various industrial automatic control occasions,Such as metallurgy、chemical industry、Plastic、textile and other light industries、food、packing、printing、building material、carpentry、central air-conditioning、Production machinery in environmental protection equipment and single process control device industry、Industrial assembly line、All kinds of industrial control equipment of machine tools。


The programming mode is the same as original MitsubishiPLCExactly the same,It can be used completely without any conversion software,MitsubishiGX Developer8.XX 、GX Works2 And other Chinese and English programming software。


PLCResource map

Physical picture of connection with touch screen :

PLCConnect to touch screen

Instruction set:


Contact comparison command:LD>=,LD<=,LD>,LD<,LD<>,LD=,AND>=,AND<=,AND>,AND<,AND<>,AND=,OR>=,OR<=,OR>,OR<,OR<>,OR=.

Transmit and compare instructions:MOV,DMOV,CML,XCH,BCD,DBCD,BIN,DBIN,CMP,ZCP,SMOV。

Four operational instructions: ADD,SUB,MUL,DIV,INC,DEC,WAND,WOR,WXOR,NEG。

32Four bit arithmetic instruction:DADD,DSUB,DMUL,DDIV,DINC,DDEC,DWAND,DWOR,DWXOR,NEG。

Cyclic shift instruction:SFTR,SFTL.

Data processing instruction:ZRST,DECO,ENCO

Program flow instruction:CJ,CALL,SRET,IRET,EI,DI,FEND。

High speed processing instruction:REF,HSCS,HSCR,SPD,PLSY,PWM,PLSR(Two pulse outputs,Y0Y1mouth)


support32Bit instruction

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