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  • Model: ETH-PPI
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  • Dimensions: 25.00cm x 20.00cm x 15.00cm

S7-200 plc Ethernet module communication adapter rail CP243i Isolated plc programming cable

CP243i Siemens S7-200 PLC dedicated Ethernet converter, easy to use, completely transparent to users, without the need to add any programs and drivers in the PC and the PLC, you can use immediately after installation. It's Siemens S7-200 PPI protocol conversion for Siemens Profinet protocol (TCP / IP) enables Siemens S7-200 can achieve long-distance, high-speed (up to 187.5K) to communicate with a variety of PC software via Ethernet, And can connect Step7-MicroWin Siemens S7-200 programming. It can achieve cross-regional data transmission over the Internet. It is with Siemens CP243-1 Ethernet communication processor similar functions, can replace Siemens PPI rs232 cable, USB-PPI, CP243-1.

ETH—PPI=CP243i+wincc direct connection function (that is, without PC ACCESS). It enables you to connect to S7-200 with WinCC's own driver [TCP/IP(auto)]. In engineering applications, it turns complexity into simplicity, convenience and practicality. Reduce the communication instability caused by the use of OPC [ie PC ACCESS]! I, Q, M, and DB1 in WinCC (remember DB1) correspond to I, Q, M, and V in s7-200. It is very simple to use, and you can use it immediately after you fill in the IP address. Simultaneous S7-200 programming software

MicroWin 4.0 can also work at the same time. It can upload and download programs to s7-200 through ETH-PPI, online debugging and monitoring, and it has full functions. Siemens cannot do it at the same time! In addition, Siemens Prodave 6.0 cannot be connected to S7-200, but Through the ETH-PPI converter, it is possible to use the S7-300 TCP protocol! This provides a way to solve problems for customers who like programming (especially in data acquisition projects)!


1. It does not need OPC to connect to wincc, it can be connected directly to enhance the stability of communication.

2. You can use Siemens Prodave 6.0 and VB to develop your own upper software for S7-200

1, do not need to add any programs and drivers, can be used immediately after installation. Support XP, WIN7, WIN8 system.
2, the S7-200 the PPI protocol conversion for Siemens Profinet protocol (TCP / IP) enables Siemens S7-200 via Ethernet with a variety of PC software (such as configuration king, Wincc, force control, Intouch, etc.) to achieve far distance, high-speed (up to 187.5K) communications.
3, you can simultaneously connect Step7-MicroWin for S7-200 programming.
4, you can achieve cross-regional data transmission over the Internet.
5, the wireless connection, easy programming!
6, but can be connected to WIN CC, Kingview, etc.

Ethernet adapter*1

DB9 pin cable* 1  (ETH-PPI CD)

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