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2/4 channel input 2/4 channel output PNP NPN input 3-32V Solid state relay [English version Download]..
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100% compatible with Allen Bradley original 1747-UIC,AB SLC5/01/02/03/05 series PLC programming cable,use AB original driver,with indicator. See below for a list of PLC's that are compatible tested with Windows XP (SP2 and SP3) note: that we have not yet tested it with Vista, Windows 7 (32bit ver..
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1747-UIC USB
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Allen Bradley 1747-UIC USB to DH485 - USB to 1747-PIC 1747-L20 1747-L30 1747-L40 1747-L511 1747-L512 1747-L513 1747-L514 1747-L521 1747-L522 1747-L523 1747-L524 1474-L531 1747-L532 1747-L533 1747-L534Please note that just like the original UIC made by Allen Bradley, not all PanelViews..
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AMS-DVP PLC ES2 DVP Series RS232/485 AMS-DVP PLC ES2 DVP Series RS232/485
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Plc Programmable Controller Compatible With PLC Delta Es2 Dvp 16/24/32/40/60 200R/200T  1*RS232 and 2*RS485High-speed input: 2 channel 100kHZ; 6 channel 10kHzSingle phase input 8 points: AB phase input 4 groups High-speed comparison interrupt: 8 points Communication port 1*RS232, 2*RS4858 ..
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The AMZ043W01RAA is a 4.3-inch touch screen display with dimensions of 140*98*26 mm and a display size of 95*54 mm. It has a resolution of 480*272 and supports COM1 which includes RS485, RS422, and RS232 ports up data upload and U-communication .COM2 is optional and supports RS485/232.This new model..
Touch screen 7 10 inches plc industrial man-machine interface serial port screen displayThe HMI display AMZ070WRAG is a 7-inch display with a resolution of 800x480 pixels. The display size is 154x86mm and the device's overall dimensions are 203x149x38mm. The hole size required for installation is 19..
DIY0 CNC 3D Touch Probe is a reliable and versatile tool for CNC applications. The ability to quickly locate the edges and center of a workpiece can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of CNC machining, and the anti-roll design of the shell can help to protect the probe from damage. The comp..
ATN-24MT 12 input 12 Transistors Output  RS485 PLC ControllerThis PLC uses a high-speed 32-bit ARM as the main control CPU, capable of supporting extremely high communication rates. It is recommended to set the Mitsubishi software on the computer to the highest rate of 115.2K.It directly suppor..
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Proface CA3-USBCB-01 for GP3000 ST3000 (W) LT3000 series HMI Touchpanel Programmiing CableLength: 3M , are now cheap to sell, to ensure quality , USB2.0 interface , our picture is a real shot ( shooting technique is limited in kind than the photos to be pretty ) , without any handling , WYSIWYG .&nb..
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CAR-4PT Isolated 4-channel PT100 transmitter Temperature Acquisition RS485 CAR-4PT Isolated 4-channel PT100 transmitter Temperature Acquisition RS485
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CAR-4PT series of modules Isolated 4-channel PT100 transmitter Thermocouple Temperature Acquisition Module RS485 Module Features Platinum RTD input, indexing number Pt100 4-channel input Constant current output, not be affected by external environment changes Resolution ..
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CP243-iBUS ETH-IBUS for Siemens PLC S7-200 Programming Cable The CP243-iBUS is a popular Siemens S7-200 PLC with an Ethernet converter, which allows for high-speed communication with a host computer. It is designed to be easy to use and does not require any additional programs or drivers to be in..
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The D-Sub 9-pin DB9 connector is a high-quality plug-shelf module with solid pins and a removable metal casing. The module features a white D-Sub DB9 pin, available in both male and female versions. The 9-pin solid pillars are gold-plated for optimal conductivity.The housing of the connector is a hi..
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