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Weighing Sensors

Weighing Sensors
Elevate your weighing applications with our diverse selection of high-performance weighing sensors. Our comprehensive range caters to a multitude of industries, ensuring precise measurements for various purposes.

Accurate Measurement Solutions:
Whether you're in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, or any other industry requiring precise weight data, our weighing sensors deliver the accuracy you demand. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these sensors provide reliable and consistent measurements.

Diverse Applications:
From industrial scales ensuring accurate material handling to smart applications in healthcare monitoring, our weighing sensors are versatile. Explore solutions for inventory management, quality control, batching systems, and more.

Key Features:

High Accuracy: Achieve precise measurements with our advanced weighing sensor technology.
Durability: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.
Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate with various systems for efficient data processing.
Easy Calibration: User-friendly calibration options for hassle-free setup and maintenance.
Industry-Specific Solutions:

Manufacturing: Optimize production processes with accurate weight measurements for materials and products.
Logistics: Enhance efficiency in shipping, receiving, and inventory management with reliable weighing sensors.
Healthcare: Ensure accuracy in patient care by integrating our sensors into medical devices for weight monitoring.
Retail: Streamline point-of-sale operations and inventory tracking with precision weighing technology.
Food Industry: Maintain quality control in food production with accurate measurements for ingredients and finished products.
Tailored to Your Needs:
Our weighing sensors come in various capacities and designs to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need load cells, platform scales, or other weight measurement solutions, we have you covered.

Invest in Accuracy:
Reliable weighing is fundamental in many industries, impacting efficiency, product quality, and compliance. Explore our range of weighing sensors and invest in precision that makes a difference.

Explore Now:
Upgrade your weighing capabilities with our state-of-the-art sensors. Explore the possibilities for accurate and reliable weight measurements across industries. Trust in our commitment to delivering quality and precision in every gram.
304 stainless steel Mini pressure sensor 304 stainless steel Mini pressure sensor
Hot -16 %
Model GL-131Mini pressure sensor Measuring medium Gas, liquid, water Power 24VDC Pressure type Absolute pressure seal pressure gauge Output type 4-20mA 1-5v 0..
$35.00 $41.50
4-20MA/0-10V Liquid Level Sensor 4-20MA/0-10V Liquid Level Sensor
Hot -27 %
A 4-20mA/0-10V level transmitter is a device that measures the level of a liquid or a solid and sends the information to a control system. The 4-20mA signal is a commonly used industry standard for transmitting process control signals, while the 0-10V signal is a low-voltage signal that is also c..
$35.00 $48.00
DYLY-101  large loadcell Compression and Tension Force Sensor S Beam truck vehicle Load CellDYLY-101 is a small-sized load cell that can measure both compression and tension force. It is an S-beam load cell designed for weighing applications such as truck scales and vehicle weighing. This load ..
DYLY-103 S-type 5kg-5000kg Weighing Sensor DYLY-103 S-type 5kg-5000kg Weighing Sensor
Hot -8 %
Pull Pressure Force S-type Load Cell Sensor with Cable 5KG 10KG 30KG 100KG 200KG 300KG 1T 1.5T 2T 3T 5T (1T) Using an S-beam structure, tension, and compression can be used. High accuracy, good stability, and good output symmetry. Widely used in belt scales, hopper scales, mechanical and electrica..
$35.00 $38.00
Sensitivity: 2.0 ± 0.05 mV / V Sensitivity Temperature Coefficient: ± 0.03 ≤% F · S / 10C Nonlinear: ± 0.03 ≤% F · S Operating temperature range: -20C + 80C Hysteresis: ± 0.03 ≤% F · S Input resistance: 750 ± 20Ω Repeatability: ± 0.03≤% F · S Output Resistance..
$58.00 $60.00
Normal range: 0-10kg, 20kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg, 1T, 2T have two type Φ25 or Φ58 more than 2T only have Φ58Please leave massage tell me what you need.  Technical parameter parameterUnitTechnical indexparameterUnitTechnical indexsensitivitymV/V1.0~1.5±0.05Sensitivi..
$58.00 $60.00
DYMH-116 Miniature pressure sensor DYMH-116 Miniature pressure sensor
Hot -25 %
Micro Load Cell miniature load cell Weight Sensor Robotic Robot 5KG 10KG 20kg 30kg 50kg 100kg 200kg 300kg 500kg 1T 2T 3T 5TDYMH-116 Miniature pressure sensor..
$45.00 $60.00
DYX-301 Cantilever Single Shear Beam Force Sensor Load CellCantilever beam load cells are commonly used in applications that require the measurement of tension and compression forces. They are compact in size and have a high level of precision, making them suitable for use in a variety of applicatio..
DYX-306 Cantilever pressure load cell loadometer sensor weighing sensor DYX-306 Cantilever pressure load cell loadometer sensor weighing sensor
-36 %
DYX-306 Small Single Shear Beam Load CellCharacteristics & Usage: 1. seal, wide range, high precision, stable and reliable2. High strength, easy to install and use. Applicable to a variety of measuring force3. weighing industrial automation measurement and control system..
$28.00 $44.00
WDD35D4-5K WDD35D4-5K
Hot -4 %
The WDD35D4-5K is an angular transducer or angle displacement sensor, which is used to measure angular position or rotation. The device is made of conductive plastic and is known for its linear output and high accuracy (0.1%). It is commonly used in industrial and automation applications to detect t..
$15.00 $15.60
YZC-1B Wide measurement platform scale pressure load cell YZC-1B Wide measurement platform scale pressure load cell
--256 %
Full scale output voltage = excitation voltage x sensitivity 2.0mv / vFor example: the supply voltage is 5vMultiplied bySensitivity 2.0mv / v = full scale 10mv wiring:Red line input voltage+Black line input voltage-Green line output signal+White line output signal-..
$32.00 $9.00
YZC-320C Load Cell YZC-320C Load Cell
-59 %
YZC-320C Cantilever Pressure Strain Gauge Pressure SensorRange 500KG 1000KG 2000KG 3000KGThe YZC-320C Cantilever pressure strain gauge pressure sensor is a type of load cell commonly used in electronic scales and floor scales. It is designed to measure the pressure applied to the scale and convert t..
$14.00 $34.00
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