• 22MRT 12 input 8 relay outputs 2 transistor outputs High pulse output RS232

This product uses military-grade KB material PCB board.

32-bit chips, all support 32-bit instructions.

We have imported placement machine, the board 95% are patch,more stable than plug-in manual welding.

12 channel X isolated input port

X0 ~ X5 can do high-speed counter, frequency default is 12K. Can be accessed by the encoder. Specific applications please refer to the manual Mitsubishi FX1N

         8 channels Y isolated outputs, 2 channel transistor outputs

a.relay output using HF46F-24-HS1, the maximum load is: 250V5A.

b.Y0, Y1 transistor output mainly high pulse output (PLSY, PWM, PLSR, PLSV, DRVI, DRVA high pulse command output port,Default 12K,transistor output use Darlington TIP122 power transistors,Per channel inhalation instantaneous current,4A,normal operation is 2A.

         Support 232 communication, you can connect the computer, text or touch screen PC.

         need one channel 24V supply voltage (many similar products require two independent power supply)

         Super Encryption: Just after the keyword is equal to 12345678, the ladder diagram of the board inside will not be able to read and crack.



 Board Supports instruction

Special device:

M8000(Operation monitoring contacts),M8001(operation monitoring  Anti-contacts).

M8002(Initialization pulse contact),M8003(initialize pulse anti -contact).

M8004(Wrong indication contacts).

M8011(10 millisecond clock pulses), M8012 (100 millisecond clock pulses), M8013 (1-second clock pulse), M8014 (1 minute clock pulse).   

M8020 (zero position mark), M8021 (borrow flag will), M8022 (carry flag).
M8029 (instruction execution completion flag).
M8033 (memory keep contacts).
M8034 (disable output contacts).   

More reference FX1N series.
II: The product currently supports command set
Basic instructions: LD, LDI, AND, ANI, OR, ORI, OUT, (OUTT, OUTC), SET, RST, ANB, ORB, MPS, MRD,
           RSTS, PLS, PLF, MC, MCR, PI, END.
Step instructions: STL: support up to eightchannel parallel branches, different state numbers can have a double coil.
Contact comparison instructions: LD> =, LD <=, LD>, LD <, LD <>, LD =, AND> =, AND <=, AND>, AND <, AND <>, AND =, OR> =, OR <=, OR>, OR <, OR <>, OR =.
Transmission and comparison instructions: MOV, CML, XCH, BCD, BIN, CMP, ZCP, FMOV.SMOV.BMOV.
Four arithmetic instructions: ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV, INC, DEC, WAND, WOR, WXOR, NEG.
Rotate Instructions: SFTR, SFTL, SFWR, SFRD.
Data processing instructions: ZRST, DECO, ENCO.
Program flow instructions: CJ, CALL, SRET, IRET, EI, DI, FEND, WDT, FOR, NEXT.
Easy instructions: IST, ABSD, INCD, ALT, RAMP,
High speed processing instructions: REF, REFF, MTR, HSCS, HSCR, SPD, PLSY, PWM, PLSR (two pulse outputs, Y0, Y1 mouth).
Peripheral I / O ports: DSW, SEGL, FROM, TO.
Peripherals SER instruction: RS, PRUN, ASCI, HEX, CCD, VRRD, VRSC, PID.
Positioning command: ABS, ZRN, PLSV, DRVI, DRVA.
Clock operation: TCMP, TZCP, TADD, TSUB, TRD, TWR, HOUR.
Supports 32-bit instructions.

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22MRT 12 input 8 relay outputs 2 transistor outputs High pulse output RS232

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